Welcome to the new, improved ThinkBannedThoughts blog

In response to a comment from a friend that “Thoughts can’t be banned” I have decided to reorganize this blog.  The front page will now offer up for discussion current challenged, embattled, and groundbreaking thoughts.  Because I am a word geek you can still read about books I love on the Read This page, and PLEASE, add your own!!

For today I am still wondering about how publishers can create brand loyalty in readers.  And whether that should be a goal at all.  For the most part if you trace back the publisher of your latest book you’ll discover that the publisher listed on the spine is an imprint of a bigger house which is a partner of a larger house which is a subsidiary of a huge house which is owned by Coke, Pepsi or Philip Morris.  So, does it really matter who prints your book when the money you spend is trickling up to the High Fructose Corn Syrup pushers or Big Tobacco?  As an author, does it matter who publishes you?  And what about the true independents?  Do they deserve our loyalty any more or less than the Big Six (and their billions of imprints)?

Your thoughts…


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