Do What You Love…

The rest comes, take it easy.

I’ve just plagiarized a Southern Comfort ad.  Who knows who they plagiarized to get the quote in the first place.

The point is that it’s true.  It’s like Richard Bach wrote, “And what would you do if God spoke directly to your face and said, ‘I command that you be happy in the world as long as you live.‘  What would you do then?”

That is the challenge.  It’s not how fit you are, or how much good stuff you resolve to give up for the New Year (or later, Lent), or how much guilt you carry, or even how hard you try to be a good person.

Are you happy?

That’s the question.  And if the answer is no, then you must continue down the rabbit hole to “Why not?  What can YOU do to become happy?”

Ultimately we are, each of us, responsible for our own happiness, no matter our circumstances.  Yes, we’ve all been dealt a bad hand every now and again.  And yes, we’ve all had to play it.  You can just fold and wait for the next hand to be dealt.  You can bluff and maybe come out on top, or you may just lose it all.  It’s life, it’s a gamble, a cosmic crap-shoot.

Another favorite quote of mine came from a Judith Krantz book called Mistral’s Daughter.  She quotes the Talmud in it, and since I have not yet gotten around to reading that for myself, I’ll have to trust her on this, but she quotes it as saying, “When man faces his maker, he will have to account for those pleasures of life he FAILED to experience”!!  Wow.  Now that’s some powerful stuff.

So many people I know live in fear because their maker gave them this wonderful world, a million temptations and then said “NO!” like a tired, worn out parent.  But this maker, this maker says, “Yo, I put it there, I gave it to you, live it, experience it, enjoy it, take pleasure from it.”  Now that’s my kind of maker.

Then if you can wrap it all into the warm blanket of “As far as possible, do no harm.”  Well then, voila!  You’ve got it.

So my New Years, indeed my New Decade’s wish for all of you is that you find the strength and fortitude to do what you love, to make yourselves happy, to enjoy life, put down the guilt that our society tries to impose as a sick sort of “happiness tax” and revel in being.

Life is what you make it, so make it wonderful!

Happy 2010!!




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5 responses to “Do What You Love…

  1. Eric Dorsey

    If I was religious, I’d say Amen.

    But, fuck it, its the most appropriate word.


  2. Aaron

    But misery helps me write more. And writing makes me happy. So, by being miserable, I am happy… hmmmm…..

  3. Whew! This is an excellent piece! It hit me at just the right time and at just the right chord. I have recently begun practicing some new behaviors in my role as Boss of My Own State of Mind. I quit watching the news in the intense and destructive way in which I was. I got in that habit during the 2008 election and it took me nearly a year to recover from that addiction. If it’s really important I’ll hear about it. I don’t mean to say I’m an ostrich, but I’ve begun to make the distinction between what I need to know and what is the Agitation Material de Jour for the media – both on the left and the right. If it’s really important I’ll hear about it. I intend to be a regular reader.

  4. Jess

    Woo-hoo! Yes. Yes yes. I intend to do what I love and enjoy myself doing it. Happy new year, Bree.

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