The Gift of Banned Books!

Since is this a blog about Banned Thoughts and since my lovely friend Eric recently sent me this link with the wonderful subject line, “If ever there was a link designed with you in mind..”  I thought I should share.

Next time you need a good banned book, remember who sent you!

You can also go to the American Library Associations Banned Book Week site to get more in-depth information about banned books, who banned then, why, etc.

You can also read my Banned Books Post from BB Week, 2009!

Happy reading!

And to all the authors I know and love, may you be passionate enough in your convictions to one day grace this list – It may be the truest mark of integrity that our society has to offer! In fact, dear authors, let us all begin to celebrate this, not just with Banned Book Week, but with a great Scarlet B.  If your book has been banned, challenged, or censored I implore you – Post the Scarlet B on your site, ask your publisher to brand it onto the cover of each future edition they print, shout it from the rooftops “I have been banned! I think – therefore I am dangerous!”

Scarlet B for Banned Books

Use this Scarlet B to celebrate your status as a Banned or Challenged author!

Hear us roar!



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