Save Your Child From Sex-Ed!!

That is the rallying cry of the deluded!!

And it’s getting louder.  Today I read in about a prosecutor in Wisconsin who has vowed to prosecute any teacher who follows the new Sex-Ed law and actually teaches sex-ed!

Teachers who follow the new law (which requires schools that teach sex-ed beyond abstinence only to teach about pregnancy prevention and STDs) are now at risk of being prosecuted for it.  This jackass, because what else can we call him, is likening teaching kids about pregnancy prevention and STDs – you know the potential negative consequences of sex – to teaching kids about booze and then showing them how to mix a cocktail.

NOT EVEN CLOSE.  More like teaching kids about booze and then showing them movies of horrific car accidents caused by drunk drivers, or giving them a shot of ipecac to make them vomit and then telling them that that’s what most 21-year-olds spend their birthday doing!!  Learning about the consequences of sex actually kept me from having it until I was out of high school, on the pill and found a guy willing to wear a condom!  It’s all about risk management folks!!

Did I marry that guy – hell no, he was lousy in bed.  I waited until I found a guy who I was compatible with in EVERY aspect of my life.  And sexual compatibility matters.  If you don’t believe me ask any one of the lying, cheating, hypocritical abstinence only douchbags recently caught cheating on their wives…

As you can tell, the article got my blood boiling.  But then I had to get in the car and listen to NPR – probably not a good idea for someone who takes all of this way too personally.  On the drive home I listened to a story about a divorced couple in Texas (I think, I was a little too pissed off to be taking notes while driving and blaming Texas just feels right…)  The dad fucked up and answered his older daughter’s questions about sex by going online, which led to some porn – a live cam show and it sounded like another site or two.  The folks at NPR didn’t go into what exactly he was trying to illustrate, only that the 8-year-old daughter had also seen all of this and months later told her therapist about it.  The therapist freaked, told mom, called social services and now dad is being prosecuted for a felony – endangering his children and will probably lose custody, even if he doesn’t end up in jail and on the sex offender list.

The dad’s new wife says it was a one time thing, that the next morning dad woke up realizing he had fucked up and that he should have handled things differently.  Yeah – probably.  But it’s not like he was molesting his children, trying to get them to perform any of the acts they saw.  I don’t want to tell you how I know this, lest my own relatives get arrested, but when I was about 11 I saw my first porn.  It was soft porn, and the x rated cartoon Fritz the Cat from the 70s which is hilarious by the way.  It didn’t damage me, no one was trying to scar me or molest me.  Quite the opposite.  It instilled a very healthy attitude about sex and sexuality.  (I mean really, after you’ve seen Fritz the Cat have an orgy in a bathtub, everything else seems pretty OK.)  The point is, dad was actually trying to teach his daughters something.  What, exactly, we may never know because the media won’t tell that side of the story.

Right now he’s just a big bad wolf trying to destroy his children’s innocence and make them prey for sexual predators.  They’ll probably send him to Wisconsin as punishment.  Maybe that’s where we’ll send all the naughty sex educators.  And I’ll bet, if we do, that state will have the lowest rates of teen pregnancy, STDs/STIs, sexual abuse and assault and the lowest rates of violence against women.

Hmm…  Maybe I should take my girls and move there, that sure sounds nice to me.


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One response to “Save Your Child From Sex-Ed!!

  1. thinkbannedthoughts

    This is what happens when we don’t educate people about sex –
    So get a hold of your local prosecutor, your local legislative bodies, your president, who ever you can reach and shake them until their teeth rattle and they promise to support full spectrum sex ed in school, including what constitutes rape and that wearing a bikini on a beach, or having a drink on spring break DOES NOT CONSTITUTE CONSENT. Even in Wisconsin, or Texas, or Florida (where this happened), or anywhere else. It’s time to start teaching the boys and stop blaming the girls.

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