No Bad Words!

My daughter came home from first grade the other day asking about “bad words”.  She was a little nervous asking because she had heard that day that there were bad words from some friends with older siblings.  Her friends wouldn’t tell her what the words were though – because they were SO bad.  They would only tell her the letter they started with.

The conversation went something like this, “Mom, Lily says that there’s a really bad ‘f’ word…”

“Hmm… She probably means fuck.  A lot of people think that fuck is a bad word, but really it’s just a very strong word and you have to be careful how you use it and when you use it.”

“Like hate?”

“Yeah, like hate.”

“What about the ‘A’ word?”

“Did they say how bad a word the “A” word was?”

“They said it was the worst!”

“Oh, then they probably mean asshole.”

“Why is that a bad word?”

“Well honey, again, it’s not a bad word.  It’s just that people usually use it in a mean way.  It’s a way of telling someone that you don’t like them, don’t respect them and think that they’re a jerk.  Usually just by saying it you actually prove that you’re the one who is a jerk.”

“Oh…  What about the ‘G’ word?”

Now I admit, I had to think about this one.  Finally I said, “They’re probably talking about God.  A lot of people think that if you use the word God and you’re not actually talking to him it’s bad.  Like when mommy says ‘Oh for the love of God’ and rolls her eyes.  A lot of people get upset.”


“Well, people feel really strongly about God and they think that throwing his name around like that is disrespectful.”

“Oh…  What about the ‘B’ word?”


“But daddy calls you a sexy bitch all the time.”

“Yeah, and then it’s a compliment.  See honey, it’s not the words that are bad, it’s how people use them.  Daddy uses that word to tell me he thinks I’m cute and feisty.  Other people use that word the same way they use the word asshole, only for girls and then it isn’t very nice.  Honey, you know that you can’t take these words to school right?  These are words we can use at home, but they upset a lot of people so it’s better if we just leave them there.”

“Yeah mom, I know.  I know I can’t say these words in front of my teacher or at the library or at restaurants or even at the park.”

“Exactly honey, just at home.  And if you ever hear someone else use one and you don’t know what it means, or if you want to try one out, you can always talk to me about it, about what they mean and different ways that people use them, OK.”

“OK mom.  Hey mom, a boy at school showed everyone his penis today.  Everyone said that it was gross and he was disgusting.”

“Honey, what if he had shown you… his elbow?!?”

STAY TUNED for the next slice of reality “There are no bad body parts!”



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