Car Seat Mania

I was driving to work today when I heard on Colorado Public Radio that the Colorado Child Carseat laws were about to change.  I was giddy for about half a second until I realized that they ALWAYS change upward.

So now, instead of recommending car seats for children over the age of 4 they are requiring them until your child is 8.

This is still better than Oregon’s car seat law which required your child to be in a booster seat until they were 4’9″ (Which would have had me learning how to drive in a car seat!)

I flashed back to this amazing TED talk  by Steven Levitt on the truth about child car seats.

This was filmed in 2005, and here we are nearly 6 years later, no better off.  Perhaps it is time we started an anti-car-seat movement?
I mean seriously, at some point we have to take a stand against stupid laws. If this was really saving lives, I’d feel differently, but it’s not. It’s just putting money in the hands of car seat companies and making it so that insurance companies don’t have to pay out if your child is injured and they can prove that the car seat they didn’t need in the first place was installed improperly.
Here’s another study I wish someone would publish – how many children have been killed BECAUSE of car seats?
I know my child almost died twice because she was in the back seat of the car, strapped into a car seat, choking on vomit from being carsick and I was unable to get to her safely. Luckily I had other people in the car with me who could leap into the back seat, unstrap her and stop her from choking.
That study hasn’t been done, and probably never will be done. Sure people tell me all the time that my kids are safer in a car seat if I’m in an accident. What no one says is that I am a million times (unverified statistic, but I wish someone would verify it.) more likely to be in an accident if I am worried about the life of my child who is trapped in the back of my car, hurt, choking or otherwise in distress.
Let’s end the madness. Throw your car seat away. After all, if you’re reading this blog, you survived without one!



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2 responses to “Car Seat Mania

  1. Lucy Brennan

    brilliant! I saw something horrible about how dangerous forward facing carseats are and that rear facing ones are better – there’s some horrible videos on youtube about it. Really makes me want to throw mine away (but i cant afford the fines the police would give me – should have saved the money and not bought the damn thing!!).

  2. Lucy Brennan

    Oh and here they have to have a booster seat until they are 11

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