Fund Education.

I don’t really care what your beliefs are – whether you think that Education is a right, or not, whether you think taxes are fair, or not.  It doesn’t matter.  YOU personally NEED to fund education.  RIGHT NOW.

But I don’t have kids, you say.

All the more reason.  I know that I have produced at least 2 kids who are going to grow up to become capable, amazing, gifted, skilled and yes, educated, adults.  But I can’t vouch for the rest of the little fuckers.

And here’s the thing, we’re all going to get old.  Every one of us is now going to live longer than our bodies were designed to carry us for.  So… We’re all going to need people willing and able to care for us, at least a little.  AND, on top of that we’re leaving the next generation with a whole pile of problems that we don’t even come close to knowing how to solve, which means… Yup, we’re going to need them to clean up our mess in order to ensure the survival of our species.

Heavy, isn’t it!

See, Bill Maher was right – what I do with my kids – affects you!

If you think prison overcrowding is an issue now, cut education funding some more and see what happens!!  Think health care is a mess, bankers are thieves, politicians are ignorant crooks – cut education funding.  I dare you.

Study after study has shown that the most prosperous nations, the happiest nations, the healthiest nations all have one thing in common – THEY EDUCATE THEIR CHILDREN.  BECAUSE CHILDREN ARE OUR FUTURE.

And that’s not just metaphorical.  We are all going to live to see the results of our refusal to pay more taxes to educate our children, to pay teachers, to cut classroom sizes in half, to keep art, music and PE in schools.  Our decisions to cut funding and to cut hours and days from the school year.  Not only will we live to see it, we’ll live to regret it.

But it’s not too late to turn the bus around.  We can make a difference, we can make the change, right now, today.

Next time you have the chance to vote for more money for schools – vote yes.

Next time a kid comes to your door selling cookies or wrapping paper or something else you don’t need and probably don’t even want to raise money for their school – just shut up and buy it.  If you don’t have money and you can’t buy anything – then volunteer at the school.  Here’s David Eggers to tell you how you can have fun while helping kids and saving the world!

It’s not just their future, it’s your future too.  Invest in it today.



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2 responses to “Fund Education.

  1. Awesome thanks for sharing these ecasts.
    You rock and education is the answer!!!!!!

  2. Wonderful! Our school district has a referendum in November and some people are against it because ‘teachers make too much’. I guess those folks didn’t get a proper education or they would understand what a teacher is actually worth.

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