Taking a Break

ThinkBannedThoughts is taking a break.

I am leaving the land of rants and raves to focus on some large projects.  It is possible that I’ll be back from time to time if there is something really important (or enraging) happening in the world, but short of a mental emergency I’ll be working on my new book, and on finding representation for my completed books.

I am also hoping to build a new website for myself soon and will post a link to it as soon as I get it up.

Thanks for all your support and your comments over the year that this blog was active.

Also, if anyone would like a place to post their banned rant, please submit it to me via e-mail (If you don’t have my e-mail address you’re not eligible for this offer, sorry.) and if it’s TBT worthy I’ll post it up here for you.

Wishing you all the very best in your own journey through life and toward your dreams!

Remember what my mother says – if you don’t have dreams, you have nightmares.  Happy dreaming to you all.


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One response to “Taking a Break

  1. I hope you enjoy your time away and good luck with the books.

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