Bitch Slapped

I’ve been trying to get back on the writing horse after about a month off for holidays, a family crisis, work stress, the holidays, and other BS excuses.

In the process I have been going over all the advice that I have been given from authors, agents, editors, and other writer pals.  I was digging through their lives and stories and looking for all the things they had on their side that I didn’t – time, organization, no children, no day-job, structure, this, that and the other thing.  And then, I got bitch-slapped.

My boss turned me on to this blog yesterday – mostly because he thought it was my secret identity until the author went on a road trip and I showed up for work as usual. (Note to the redhead ranting, he’s never read my blog so doesn’t actually have my style to compare to yours.  He just knows that I blog and that I work I have a VERY low BS tolerance and a high propensity toward bitch-slapping fucktards.)

So I was cruising the other red-headed blog and realized that I was highly deserving of her bitch slap because what I was doing was not productive at all – I was whining, and looking for excuses to not succeed.  Instead of looking at what these successful writers and authors had that I don’t, I needed to be looking at what they did, that I could be doing.  I needed to be looking for responsibility, and solutions.

So even though last night I was in a pit of despair and thought there was no way to juggle my blog, which I love, and my “real” writing which I also love, but which is MUCH more challenging – here I am today, finding that spare minute to put some thoughts together and bring you all along on this journey.

Writing isn’t easy.  If it was everyone would be doing it – and succeeding…  Finding the time, the inspiration, the energy, it’s incredibly hard.  And what I realized after my bitch-slapping was that, as with any dream, if I want to make this one a reality, certain sacrifices are going to need to be made.  No more watching stupid movies every night to wind down – I need to be researching my new novel and writing it down.  No more grumbling and rolling over after hitting the snooze in the morning, it’s up and at ‘em so I can grab that 20 minutes of sleepy inspiration and get something on paper or into my computer.

No more excuses, BS or whining.  It’s do or die time.

Thanks for the bitch-slap, I needed it.




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4 responses to “Bitch Slapped

  1. If you’re looking for some excellent support in getting your butt in the chair and writing, I highly recommend the book The War of Art, if you haven’t already read it.

    • thinkbannedthoughts

      Thanks Lynda,
      I have read it. And it’s great. I do need reminders every now and again though, and this bitch-slap was just the right dose 🙂

  2. Well, I’m glad that some random knowledge dropping could be of assistance. Occasionally I get to waxing and it’s more of a rant, but every now and then I get some good ideas. Thanks for the hat tip and right back atcha. And for the record, you can say you’re me any old time you’d like 🙂

    (thanks, boss!)

    • thinkbannedthoughts

      Honored that you dropped by. And really, the world needs more rants like yours. We could all use a good bitch-slap now and then and I am glad to have a place to send people when I’m too exhausted to slap them myself 😉
      Good luck on your road trip. I look forward to cyber-stalking you along your journey!

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