Curing Mental Constipation

As many of you know, I’ve been a little backed-up lately.  Mentally, I mean.  I’ve got hordes of ideas, thoughts, stories, racing through me but as soon as I sit down to write – POOF! Gone.

I carry a notebook with me so that I can try to sneak up on them, or pounce and catch them when they least expect it.  But, over all I’ve just been in a bit of a fog, a little unmotivated, a little grumbly, a lot unsure.

Yesterday morning I was all set to do the dishes and then write a post about not pissing in the great social media pool (post still to come later…) but instead I did something totally out of character, totally silly, and completely liberating.

I feel as if I have just taken a giant dose of brain fiber.

What was this miracle cure?

I got out my massive palette of sticky notes from the RMFW conference, grabbed a sharpie and started writing short love notes to my husband.  Silly things like “You’re my lust ninja” (Remember I was reading Christopher Moore at the time.) and “yes, Yes, YES!” and “I want your body… And your mind.” and other stray lovey thoughts.  I think I scribbled out about 30 notes, all the while handing them off to my daughters to stick around the house. They put them on the front door, the garage door, the bathroom mirrors, his pillow, his desk, the back door, near light switches, anyplace we could think of that he would look in the next few hours.

It was fun, it was silly, and it was oddly challenging after the tenth sticky.  How many ways are there to tell someone you love them?

I had a writing day at work yesterday ad I found that I wasn’t blocked once. Things were flowing again. At ten my husband called, his voice all a flutter, he’d had to come home for something and had found the first few sticky notes. It made his day.  It was like Easter for grown-ups, without the strange male bunny laying eggs…

So, next time you’re in a rut, step out of it.  Do something unexpected and out of character.  Do something utterly silly.  If you find yourself staring at your computer, or your notebook with waves of frustration and despair crashing over you – step away.  Find a new format, a new method, a new style, a new mold to break out of.  Write haiku or practice tweeting (Really, how much meaning can you squeeze into 140 ch.  I used to HATE twitter and thought it was completely banal and annoying.  Now I maintain 5 twitter accounts at work and I’m hooked.  Sadly my personal twitter is falling behind, but I aim to change that as per my next blog post.)

The point is that we all have to shake off the mental cobwebs sometimes, we all have to step outside of our comfort zone, get out of our ruts, shake off the dust and ingest a little mental fiber.

As my family is so fond of saying, the only difference between a rut and a grave is a matter of depth.

Don’t dig your rut so deep that you can’t get out!!

If you have any tricks for shaking off the mental cobwebs, climbing out of ruts, or curing mental constipation, please share them in the comments section below!



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  1. zach

    Still overflowing with the love! Thanks

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