Making Time

Time, there never seems to be enough of it.

Especially for us creative types. I have just recently managed to carve out a semi-reliable hour a day for myself and my writing.  Sure, it’s broken into three separate 15-30 minute chunks, but, hey, it’s better than the nothing I had going before.

Of course, as with all good things, once you have a taste, you just want more.

I’ve been finishing Victoria Hanely’s amazing book, Wild Ink and now that I’m energized, inspired, and have some new tools to work with I want MORE TIME!!

The other thing is that as I’ve read through the interviews in the book, one thing keeps leaping off the page at me.  Exercise. Movement. Physical activity.  Every time an author talks about the daily 2 and half mile walk they take in the morning before writing I find myself writhing in jealousy.  Every time they talk about the bike ride they take in the evening to wind down I start twitching, thinking about my own battered bike and the flat tire it’s had for 3 months because I’ve been too busy to patch it.

I know from past experience that my brain works better after I’ve set my body in motion.  This is a near universal truth. But looking at how hard it’s been to carve out my broken hour of semi-reliable writing time, where do I find another hour for my body?

Well, as someone recently reminded me, we are all given the same 24 hours a day to work with.  Other people manage this, I can too.

So, tomorrow I am going to (gasp! ack! OH SHIT!) wake up at 5am (yuck!!!) so that I can (Oh my fucking god) take a brisk (freezing my bits off in below zero weather) walk to jump-start my brain (or kill me dead).

Really? Am I really THAT desperate? I mean, I already step out at work and take a walk, sometimes two, after the sun is up and I only need one jacket, gloves, a hat and a scarf in order to survive.  Am I really desperate enough to wake up at a truly ungodly hour (though to an atheist all hours are equally ungodly…) and walk around the block in the dark of pre-dawn in sub-freezing cold?

Only time will tell. If I survive, I’ll tell you all about it tomorrow, while I drink tea and recover from the frost-bite.

UPDATE: It’s 5:36 am, my Betty Boop thermometer on the back porch says it’s 10 degrees below zero, Fahrenheit! (SO glad I didn’t look BEFORE my walk! I never would have made it.!)

I still have my long undies on, and my Smartwool socks.  But I’ve shed my fleece sweatshirt, my jacket, triple layer gloves, scarf, and hat.

I am frost-bite free, starving, and have two ideas for blogs swirling.  Nothing new on my novel, but it’s in a god place and the momentum seems to be rolling it right along.  Plus after finishing Victoria’s book last night I now feel really comfortable with my method of just getting it out, getting it on paper and then going back and trimming a little here, fluffing a little there.

I also have new ideas for my very first novel that I started 8 years ago and then stashed after my brand new puppy somehow crashed my computer and killed the hard drive.  I have the first 3/4 printed out, but just have never been able to bring myself to re-type it.  Last night after some uncharacteristic, and enthusiastic, prodding from my boss at work I realized how to save it!

And, then there’s the children’s picture book that I benched after its first rejection, not because I don’t think it’s great, it is, but because other stuff started happening and it just sort of got away from me.  Well, that little baby is going back out into the world of editors and agents.  It’s time for Princess Woe Is Me to see the light.

Good morning to all!  I hope you too can find, make or steal the time you need to live your dreams.


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