Incorrigible Magic

I just finished reading Kat Incorrigible by Stephanie Burgis

Kat Incorrigible

She's totally incorrigible, but someone has to be.

It was one of those books that sold me on the title alone, I mean really, any kid’s book that uses the word Incorrigible in the title has got to be worth reading, right!?

Kat comes from a very mixed up family; her mother was a witch and her father is a priest. Now there’s a wicked step-mother (is there any other kind?), a money problem, an evil suitor, a love spell gone wrong, and her sisters are keeping secrets. It couldn’t get much worse.

Kat decides it’s up to her to save the family from itself. As the youngest child no one takes her very seriously, until they begin to notice the strange things that happen whenever she’s around.  Soon, Kat has caught the greedy eye of her sister’s suitor, and gotten the attention of a magical council tasked with keeping witches like her in check.

I fell in love with Kat pretty quickly. I have soft spot for adventurous, reckless girls who risk everything to take on the world. While I’m not usually a fan of Victorian / Jane Austin era fiction, the magic and adventure in Kat Incorrigible drew me in and held me captive till the very end.

This book is a race between the very real forces that seem always to want to thwart our best efforts and loftiest goals and one feisty little girl who just refuses to give up, no matter how much worse her efforts seem to make things.

Aimed at readers age 10 and up, I cannot wait to pass this daring story on to my nieces, and, in a couple of years, my own daughters!

Kat Incorrigible is hitting shelves now, so head on out to your favorite bookstore and get a copy for your favorite girl!


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