Wishing out loud

Remember when you were a kid. Every year on your birthday you’d blow out all the candles on your cake with your eyes squeezed shut tight, making a wish.

If you tried to tell everyone what you wished for they’d all shush you and tell you to keep it a secret, or else it wouldn’t come true.

How many of those secret wishes worked? I’d wager – not many.

And here’s why. All those people who told you to hush, they were wrong.

We have to make our wishes out loud. We have to be bold; brave enough to face the doubters, strong enough to accept help from the doers, courageous enough to speak our hearts.

If we keep our wishes to ourselves, there is no one there to help us along the way. No one to encourage us when our own faith falters, no one to show us a quicker path, point out obstacles, remind us of lessons already learned.

It seems we are taught from an early age not to ask for help for the things that really matter most to us. Somehow those things we’re just supposed to be able to figure out on our own. But in reality, those are the things that are the hardest.

Look at all the people you know who are stuck in mediocre jobs they really don’t love. Sure, it pays the bills, but it doesn’t fill their soul. So many people are stuck in that position, and why? They don’t know how to ask for more.

So next time you are at a birthday and you see the birthday kid whispering their secret wish to themselves, encourage them to ask it out loud, someone in that room is bound to be able to help them achieve it.
And next time you have a wish – remember to ask for it out loud. It might not work, it turns out no one gets a pet unicorn no matter how many times you wish, but if you don’t ask you’re pretty much guaranteeing that no one will help you fulfill your heart’s desire.



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3 responses to “Wishing out loud

  1. Bee

    (gasp) What a wonderful idea.

    I’ll go first. I wish I could finish painting and fixing up this house so I can get it on the market and FINALLY get out of this ridiculous farce of a marriage. And then I wish I could go back to school. And then I wish I could meet somebody really, really nice who likes me just the way I am.

    (blows out candles)

    • thinkbannedthoughts

      Bee –
      I LOVE it, what wonderful wishes!
      I wish you all the best on you journey. I know some reliable contractors in your area if you need help with the house. And there are still scholarships for adults who want to go back to school.
      You CAN do it. Just keep at it every day, and keep wishing out loud.

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