Playdate with Denver – High Adventure on the Front Range

Summer is here and I just got the perfect book to kick it off with.

Kyrie Collins

Get ready to play!

Playdate with Denver & Colorado’s Front Range is a brand new book out by Kyrie Collins. I met Kyrie at City Park in Denver about two summers ago. We talked casually about a book she was working on of all the great places to go and things to do with young kids in the Front Range area of Colorado. I told her it sounded awesome, and was a much-needed resource.

This weekend she sent me a copy of the beautiful, full color, published book! It’s even better than I had imagined; we’re talking high adventure on the Front Range here!

Kyrie’s book is geared toward parents of the younger set; the preschool aged kiddos and babes in arms. However, as she points out, most of the activities and places she lists have plenty of things for the older kid set as well.

Her book is broken out into activity groups, such as “The Great Outdoors” and “Baby, It’s Cold Outside”. There’s a sports section and a song and dance section, a farm section and two water sections (indoors and outdoors).

One of the things I love most about Kyrie’s book is that she encourages families to make it their own. There are blank pages at the back for notes, and 5 hollow stars beside each entry so that each family can rate that attraction or activity for themselves. As she says, what rated a 5 for her and her kids might only be a 2 for you and yours. Every family is different.

My daughters (aged 5 and 7) and I spent a very fun evening on the couch oohing and aahing over all the endless summer possibilities that Playdate with Denver opened up for us. Then my youngest got all excited about the many winter birthday options it revealed.

What surprised me the most about Playdate with Denver was just how much awesome stuff I didn’t know about. I pride myself on being a well-informed, active Front Range local. Yet I had never heard of 3/4 of the sites in Kyrie’s book. My copy is already so dog-eared, highlighted and marked up it looks like I’ve had it for years instead of mere days.

A few places we just can’t wait to go check out – The Morrison Natural History Museum (local dinosaurs only!!), Museum of Outdoors Arts (giant mobile sculptures – heck yeah!), World of Wonder Museum or WOW! (Where, incidentally, Kyrie will be signing copies of her book on July 1st from 10:30-1:30!!), The Denver Puppet Theater (Duh, right!?!), Storybook Ballet at the Dairy Center for the Arts (looks wicked!), The Denver Botanic Gardens (turns out it’s not a stuffy place for boring grown-ups after all), Dinosaur Ridge (dinosaurs, HELLO, and it’s FREE!)… There are so many more places that shouted out to me from this book, I don’t have room for them all in this post.

I really can’t wait to share this book with all my parenting friends – and I am so excited to have the official line on the baby shower trump gift! This is a book no Front Range parents (or grandparents) should be without. It is the official hum-drum killer. Next time anyone in your family whines about being bored – toss Playdate with Denver at them and be prepared for adventure to strike.

P.S. The kids eat free section at the back of the book will more than pay for your copy, so seriously – go get one.



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