What Vacation Looks Like

It’s official – the kids are on vacation, and therefore, so am I.

I’ve tried it the other way, tried to work through in the moments when the kids are playing happily and not actively trying to kill each other out of sheer vacation boredom.

It never works.

Not really. I might get a few thousand words written, but they are stressful words, each one torn from the ether like a wisdom tooth pulled without anesthesia in a third world back alley.

So, this year I’m taking a different road. I’m going on vacation right along with my kids. Sort of.

Here’s what the next 19 days looks like for me.

First – finish reading the 2 books I’ve got started.

madame curie complex and history of the world six glasses

Enjoying some non-fiction.

Both of these books are fantastic if you want a little fact based perspective on life and how we got to where we are today.

Next I’ll be reading and reviewing two books that came in the mail, which I am so freaking excited about that they just might leapfrog the queue.

walks across the sun and cinder

I cannot wait to read these books and tell you all about them.

While I’m doing all of that, my daughter brought home a book that I have been dying to read, so we’ll be enjoying that as a family read aloud.

13 treasures

Looks fun.

Then I have a couple of books to read for research while I revise, rewrite and rethink Sins of the Father.

Sins of the Father research

Knights Templar and Scientology and Cults, Oh My!

And then, just for fun, and because I have a HUGE Atheist crush on Richard Dawkins…

the magic of reality

Reality is so Unreal!

This photo journey doesn’t include any of the books I know Santa (aka my mother-in-law, husband, parents, sister, friends, publishers, and children) will be stuffing my stocking with.

It’s looking like a good vacation. If you don’t hear from me, I’m fine. I’ve just got my nose in a book, or two.

Happy Holidays!



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5 responses to “What Vacation Looks Like

  1. Some great reads there! I will be adding some to my list. And I remember those days. But a little differently. My daughter is an only child for me, but she has a half sister and she went (when she was younger than ten) to her dad’s, giving me a blissful time alone. When she was older, she was busy hanging with friends so I had little need to entertain her. Good luck and happy holidays!

    • thinkbannedthoughts

      Alone time!?! Now THAT would be a true Christmas miracle 😉 I’m lucky that my kids are book junkies too, so tomorrow all we’re doing is reading. I plan to finish at least one book, maybe two. YAY. For me, that is the very definition of bliss.

  2. Hey Bree, cute kids you’ve got there. I like that you read aloud together. Sounds like fun. But vacation? With all those books to read? Seems you’d have to hunker down in your teepee to get through them all. Have a great time and see you next year.

    • thinkbannedthoughts

      My daughters asked me what I wanted for Christmas this year – my answer – A week where I didn’t have to do anything but read! Their answer – “Okay, we’ll do the dishes for you and daddy can cook.”
      LOVE. It really is vacation if I can get all these books read!!

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