Last year at about this time I sat down and set some goals for myself. I published them here for the world to see and hold me accountable.

Here’s a little reflection on how I did.

Goal #1 – turning my blog into a useful tool for writers, editors, marketers  – For the most part I think I did a good job of stepping away from the rants and staying focused on the literary. There were a few exceptions to the rule, usually stuff that affected kids. But hey, kids are readers too…

Writer's tool box

Dangerous Ideas for Daring Writers!

Goal #2 – Shifting my freelance work focus to more marketing and stepping away from editing – Not so much. While I am doing more marketing and PR work, I am still primarily an editor. Baby steps.

Goal #3 – Changing the Day-Job title to reflect what I really do – SUCCESS! I got laid off in June and I am now officially a Word Slut. Can’t get more apropos than that.

Goal #4 – Attending conferences and pitching – Success. I attended, I pitched, I received the coveted “send it” both times and got soundly rejected both times. (But that’s okay, I’m revising, revamping and retrying.)

Goal #5 – Book accepted for publication – Nope. But hey, it’s a recyclable goal. I’ll use it again in 2012, and 2013 and… until I nail it. And then again every year thereafter because that’s the real goal, isn’t it!

Goal #6 – writing twice a day, my fiction once and my blog once – I did well for a while and then I fell off the rails on both. I do write every day, but it’s not always as productive as I’d like it to be. But here’s to trying again in 2012!

What were your goals for 2011 and how did you do in reaching them?

I’ll be posting my 2012 goals soon. Some will look very familiar, but many are completely new reflections of the fresh direction my life is taking now that I have my soul back from the dark lords of American corporatism.

Happy Holidays – and here’s to a great 2012!



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9 responses to “Reflections

  1. Angie Hodapp

    Love the concept of a recyclable goal. I’ll definitely keep that in mind as I make my own goals for 2012. You’re awesome and an inspiration, Bree!

  2. Congrats! Being a word slut beats everything else. I have no doubts that you will achieve the rest of the goals (ie publication of that book) next year.

    • thinkbannedthoughts

      Word Slut is definitely my favorite achievement of 2011, even if I did have to make it up myself 😉 Thanks for the vote of confidence!!

  3. Actually, Bree, I think it’s already a very useful blog for writers! I can’t wait to see what else you have in store for us.

    I featured you in my picks for the Versatile Blogger Award, if you wanted to take a look. Thanks for setting up such an excellent blog.

  4. Bree, you Word Slut,
    I love recycling goals as well–it’s very enviro-friendly.

    Congrats on getting laid off. Sometimes the universe pushes you in the right direction after all.

    Thanks for the Banned Thoughts and I hope to read and see more of you in ’12.

    • thinkbannedthoughts

      Yes, it’s amazing what cliffs the universe will push you off to get you to stop whining! Even better is seeing how quickly you can make a parachute for yourself when you have to. Very Harold and the Purple Crayon really…
      Hope to see more of you in 2012!

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