Sunrise in the Tipi

Last night the whole family spent the night in the tipi for the first time in 2012.

I spent the afternoon airing it out, beating rugs, fluffing blankets, making beds.

The girls curled up on their mats, my hubby and I claimed the futon. The cats claimed our legs and shoulders. The dog tried for a pillow grab, but ended up taking the chair.

It was snuggly. Super snuggly.

This morning my alarm woke me at quarter to six. I slipped out of bed and came into the house to make tea and organize my day. The girls may be on spring break, but I still have work to do. Lots of work.

Once the tea was made, I slipped back out and claimed the chair. The dog snuggled my hubby on the bed and the cat pinned me in my place.

I spent the next twenty minutes sipping my tea and watching the sun rise in the tipi. The light went from the dark dusky grey of pre-dawn to pale, almost irridescent ash, finally warming to a rich golden marigold as the sun made its way over the fence line and struck the tipi.

The girls began to stir. The cat’s purr hummed into my lap. The dog thwapped her tail. My hubby snored on.

As the sun rose and the family began to waken, my day coalesced in my head. Meetings clicked into place, stories swarmed, and all the stress I’d carried into Monday just evaporated like the morning dew.

It was bliss.

And then the bliss erupted into a kaleidoscope of elation as I realized – The tipi is open for business!

tipi writing class

Write here. Write Now.

I love the energy, the power, the inspiration of the tipi. It’s such a perfect space for thought, for creativity, for imagination. From the moment we set it up in our yard I wanted to share it. And this year, its second year of being, I get to do just that.

All summer long I am opening up the tipi to fellow writers. I’m kicking it off with a party on April 13th – Telling Tales in the Tipi. And I’m keeping it rolling with a fresh writing craft, or writing business, course every month from April until August.

I’m bringing in some of the best writers and teachers in Colorado to bring their expertise to a handful of writers each month.

Karen Albright Lin, author, editor and teacher extraordinaire is bringing her Self-Editing: A Builder’s Approach to Editing workshop to the tipi on Saturday April 14th.

Saturday May 12th, Tiffany Lawson Inman, writer, actor and world class teacher is bringing her one of a kind class – The Triple Threat Behind Staging a Scene, which pulls in her experience as a performer to help writers see how to bring together setting, action and character to create the perfect scene every time.

Mark Stevens, best-selling Colorado author and Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers President will be coming by the tipi Saturday, June 2nd to teach how to Write What You Don’t Know!

Saturday, July 14th the dynomite Betsy Dornbusch, author of two trilogies and editor of Electric Spec will come teach the business side of writing with her class on Querying and Networking your way to Success! Treating Writing Like a Business.

And, for the tipi’s Grand Finale of the season, Victoria Hanley, YA author, editor and writing coach will be teaching Dialogue: Bringing the Sparkle.

Writing in the tipi

Inspirational Space and Time.

All of these classes are a full day of tipi heaven. Workshops and lectures go from 10am-1pm. Then participants get to enjoy a home made lunch in the garden or tipi and have a chance to talk and ask the instructor any questions they have about writing craft or the writing business. Afterward attendees will have free writing time, or one on one time with the instructors, for the remainder of the day.

After my revelation of bliss this morning I’ve decided that I want to share that moment too. So, right now anyone who signs up for the whole Summer Series can pick one night to stay in the tipi after class. You’ll join my family for a home cooked dinner and then retreat to the tipi for a night of inspired writing, day dreaming, plotting or just relaxing. You can choose to have the pets stay with you, or we’ll bring them into the house so you can stretch out a little more.

In the morning I’ll bring you tea or coffee and breakfast in the tipi where you can wake up slow and easy, inspired to finish that masterpiece.


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