Police Citizens’ Academies and Role Playing

Welcome to another awesome guest post! I’ve been super busy these last 2 weeks and my brain is mush – Zombie mush.

So, my dear friend, and fellow writer, Mike Befeler kindly offered to fill in for me today. This is his post about some of the AWESOME shit we writers get to do in the name of our craft!

In his case, he got to “go-postal” and take a couple of hostages for Boulder’s own SWAT team! And come on, who here hasn’t wanted to go a little postal and take a few hostages to get something done? I know it’s on my bucket list… 😉
(Dear NSA – I’m kidding. I don’t even like hostages. They taste like liver and onions. Yuck.)

And now, Mike, take it away –
I’ve attended three citizens’ police academies in the cities of Boulder and Lafayette and with the Boulder County sheriff’s department.

These are excellent programs to learn about law enforcement. For mysteries writers, these programs help immensely with getting things right when describing investigations and crime scenes.

I’m also a member of the Boulder Citizens’ Police Academy Alumni Association. We meet monthly to hear presentations that continue to educate us on different aspects of the police department.

I also volunteer as a role player for police training. Recently, I participated in two SWAT training exercises. In one I was a hostage taker. I had a Sig with no ammunition. During part of the scenario I held a hostage by the shoulder with the gun at her head. She said afterwards that even though it was role playing, she could feel the tension of the situation. SWAT provided a drop phone which was then used for negotiations. I was role playing a fired employee who returned and took three employees hostage. During the negotiations I asked for a pizza (provided) and demanded a getaway car.

SWAT provided a vehicle in exchange for releasing one hostage. Then I went out to the car with two other hostages.

This was my downfall. I was “shot” by a sniper as we left the building.

Afterwards one SWAT member told me they preferred when hostage takers ask for a getaway vehicle because they can take down the bad guy outside rather than having to work inside a building.

My crime spree is over until the next chance I have to be a role player.

senior moments are murder

Geezer Lit by Mike Befeler

Mike Befeler is the author of Senior Moments Are Murder, Living with Your Kids Is Murder and Retirement Homes Are Murder.


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