Open Letter to Longmont City Council RE: Fracking

This is the letter I have just sent to Longmont City Council and our mayor. They are currently under pressure, not just from large gas and oil companies, but from the state of Colorado itself, to allow fracking within the city of Longmont, including residential, recreational and industrial sectors. According to the state of Colorado we have no right to refuse Gas and Oil exploration or mining in our city, despite being a home rule city existing in a democratic state, in a democratic country.

The state of Colorado has already sold the mineral rights to the ground beneath our feet, and they did so without a public vote, without a public hearing, and without a thorough study regarding the health, safety and environmental effects of hydraulic fracturing aka fracking. And now, they are telling us that we will be sued, by the state of Colorado, if we stand up for our right to determine what industrial activities take place within our own borders.

As many have said, we don’t have a fracking problem, we have a democracy problem. So today I am standing strong WITH my city council, my mayor, and my fellow citizens. Today I pledging my support and letting my city government know I have their back. I hope you will join me.

Dear Mayor Coombs and members of the City Council,

I understand that you are under a lot of pressure to give up the fight for Longmont and give in to demands from COGA and even the Colorado Government and allow largely unregulated fracking in Longmont.
I know that the threats of lawsuits are scary. You’re looking at potentially large sums of money disappearing from our coffers to pay for our democratic rights to determine the best course of action for our city, for our citizens, for our health and well-being.
I want to pledge my support to you, and to Longmont, in terms you can understand.
Financial terms.
I hereby pledge to stand by the city of Longmont and fight for our freedom.
Should you, our city representatives choose to stand strong and defend our town against the known risks of fracking, I will stand with you. I pledge to support you 100% by donating $500 to a Citizens of Longmont Legal Defense Fund should the state, or the oil industry attempt to sue us for exercising our rights.
I know it’s a drop in the bucket, but there are others ready to stand with me, ready to pledge not only their moral support, but their financial support as well.
Together we can make the right choice for Longmont.

Thank you for prohibiting oil and gas wells in Longmont’s residential neighborhoods.  I encourage you to stand strong regarding Ordinance O-2012.  Keep the public health, safety, and welfare of Longmont’s citizens as the focus of your decisions.   Do not capitulate to the threats from COGA and the Colorado Attorney General’s Office.  Extend the moratorium.  Case law supports that tactic. It will delay legal action by the State and give the City time to expose the fact that the COGCC is ignoring the health issues that arise from oil and gas wells in an urban environment.

Thank you, and please remember, you are not in this fight alone. We have your back, just as we expect you to have ours. Thank you for working so hard to protect the health and well being of every Longmont citizen.

– Bree (Other details left off the blog for privacy reasons.)

Please, write your own letter, add your own amount, let Longmont City government know that we stand WITH them to protect the rights of Longmont citizens.



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