What is your intention?

I start every day with a to-do list. A punch list. I should call it a push list, because these days 80% of my job is promotions.

But a to-do list is not the same as an intention list.

In fact, I think if you have an intention list, you may be even more OCD, control freakish than me and you might need some help from my friend Trish Whynot to whom I dedicate this post.

Trish asked the universe (via facebook) “Today is the first day of the rest of your life. How are you going to start it?”

My first response was to grumble, shut my laptop and mutter something about Monday and working and getting kids to school and… grumble, punch list, whine, to-do, moan, groceries, kvetch, laundy, grrrrr.

What a horrible way to start the day – overwhelmed, frustrated and upset before I even began because nothing I wanted to do was on The List, and I could already see that The List was so long that I wouldn’t be finishing it today, which meant I was starting the rest of my life in the hole. Cue the Dark Cloud of Doom.

I shook it off and went about my morning – got the girlgoyels out the door for school, found the spare space heater (Yes, I have heat in my office now!), made the grocery list, got dinner in the crockpot, threw the pets outside and finally got in the car to go to work.

In the 5 minutes I was in the car, I had a Bruce Almighty moment.

I realized that the signs were all around me. Trish didn’t care about my stupid to-do list – she cared about my intentions.

Intentions have been coming up a lot lately. At a presentation given by Simone Marean of the Girls Leadership Institute, when she talked about helping girls identify their intentions before escalating a conflict, or really before engaging in a conflict. What did they really want, and how could they communicate that in order to achieve it?

In my social media coaching, I try to help people establish realistic intentions for social media. (Because no, it won’t sell you a million books, but it might help you engage a new audience or expand your voice.)

But then in my own life, I’ve been forgetting. I’ve been so wrapped up in punch lists (which sound like such an aggressive way to attack the day) that I’ve forgotten to set some intentions of my own.

So today, in honor of Trish, I’m stepping away from my punch list/push list and I’m clearing the path for some intentions.

Today I intend to spend some time telling people about some amazing books, stories and authors that I am enjoying.

Today I intend to spend some time reading an intriguing MS in my comfy office chair and pondering the market for it, as well as what changes might be needed to reach that market.

Today I intend to enjoy my time geeking out with words.

And at the end of the work day, I intend to go home and tickle my girls and smooch my hubby and get all snuggly in my life.

I further intend to save enough energy for myself that I can stay up late reading The Tainted City.

What are your intentions for the day?



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7 responses to “What is your intention?

  1. Wow, I really needed to hear that…

    Today, I intend to start reading a new book, finish the outline for the one I intend to write soon, and spend time preparing for Halloween with my own girlgoyles (love that word).

    There, it’s stated, so now I must make it so… Thanks for the kick in the butt.

  2. I intend to call on the spirit of strong love and devotion a father had for his young son, while I sit in a Federal Courtroom. The son, vacationing with his dad, was in the patient-exam room with a physician assistant who was didn’t know his own limits. Without a physical exam, or patient education, the father was told that he had the flu and to tough it out for a few days. The father was dead from complications within 48 hours. I intend to do everything I can to help this child speak his truth and for the jury to recognize the PA’s contribution to this wrongful death. I’m now waiting for a call, then I’ll be taking the boy to the courtroom. (I may need to hold this intention for a two-week trial.)

  3. Bee

    Ahh, what a wonderful way to reframe the dreaded To-Do List!

    I’ve restructured mine this school year, after many years of a list that never seemed to be finished. I have a master list for each week, on graph paper because that works for me. A section for each day, another section for non-time-specific personal items (“refill the cat’s prescription”), and another one for non-time-specific work items (“learn music for January concert”). The best part of it is the “Next Week” section. Anything on that list can be done if I want, or ignored if I want. Anything left on the big list at the end of the week is transferred to the new list on Monday morning, but I cross everything off the old list before I recycle it. If I finish everything crucial on a given day, I let myself relax instead of thinking about all the things I COULD be doing.

    I think, though, that I need a place on my master list for intentions, maybe in a different color of pen. 😉 “Be a light of grace and kindness to my students.” “Let the rest of the world go do its thing when I’m at the piano bench preparing for performances, and pour my heart and mind into my practice.” “Do the laundry, pay the bills, and wash the dishes as individual acts of love.” I could get on board with this!

  4. Thanks for running with this concept Bree! I began my day with some journaling, snuggling with my cat and yoga. Now hunkered down for the hurricane and putting together my 2013 calendar! WooHoo! 🙂

  5. I always try to get the most out of each and every day! Do the best, be the best I can be—I know, it sounds cliche, but that’s how I start all my days. Specifically, try to figure out how to better manage all these blogs I’m supposed to be reading [in a timely manner], get back into my WIP mindset, and enjoy Hallowe’en with my nieces! Trick or treat, Bree! :-E

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