Adventure and Danger in Paris

Paris just might be my favorite city in the world. My kids have both been hearing about Paris for as long as they can remember. Mostly the catacombs and the pastries, my two favorite parts of my favorite city.

When Double Vision by F. T. Bradley landed in my mail box last month, I was over the moon.This book has been described as “The Da Vinci Code meets Alex Rider” – and it didn’t disappoint!

double vision

It was my October Must Have Book, and I’d even had the opportunity to meet the author before the book was published. I couldn’t wait to dive in, but we’d just started Peter and the Star Catchers and my kids had agreed to “let me” read another chapter. At first they were resistant to the change, but when I told them that Double Vision took place in Paris, and that the main character, Linc, was a trouble maker they agreed to give it a try.

Double Vision opens with an epic “Linc Disaster” that puts everything Lincoln Baker holds dear at risk. He is suspended from school, his family is being sued and they may lose everything, all because he made another dumb mistake.

But all is not lost. Some federal agents show up and offer him a deal. He’s a dead-ringer for one of their child agents, Benjamin Green, who has gone missing just days before completing a major mission. Linc is needed to fill in. It’ll be easy, he just has to show up for an exchange and the feds will take care of all his problems. Bonus – he gets to go to Paris for a week!

Linc doesn’t have a choice. He can’t make everything right on his own, he needs help. If this is the price he has to pay, he’ll pay it.

The next character we meet is Henry, the Agent Q of Double Vision, he’s a genius level spy gadget designer, who just so happens to be 12 years old. While the misfit Linc with his accident prone trouble making was a character both my kids could identify with, for my Myth Busters loving daughters, Henry was a character they could relate to. He was the perfect geeky sidekick. They loved the exchanges between Henry, a hard-core Benjamin Green fan boy, and Linc who just wanted to get the whole thing over with already. At least until he meets the tough, smart and sassy Francoise, who just might hold the key to the whole case.

My kids loved the romp through Paris – into the Louvre, through the catacombs, past the Eiffel Tower and the Arc De Triomphe. Their mouths watered when Linc got to pause for a pastry. But what really kept them glued to the pages (and begging for “just one more chapter” at the end of every night) was the story. The suspense as Linc was put in more and more dangerous and impossible situations and had to find his way out of them in order to solve the case and save his family from his disaster kept them on the edge of their seats.

Louvre Pyramid

Paris at night

Linc’s character, his voice and humor and incredible bad luck topped off by his own self-made “Linc Disasters” were impossible to pull away from.

My girls have made me promise them a Double Vision tour of Paris. They even made me promise I’d bring the book with me so we could read it again while we’re there!

If you’re looking for a fun book for an 8-12 year old, this is a great story to inspire a love of cryptography, adventure and travel! Double Vision is available now!



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