My birthday wish for you

Chances are good that it’s not actually your birthday today. But that’s okay, because it’s mine and as such, I get to make a wish.

birthday candles

Make a wish

I’ve already got everything I want. I’m in a profession I love, with clients I adore. I’ve got an amazing family that supports me through all my craziness. I’ve got great friends who love me for me. I’ve got a roof over my head, and it doesn’t even leak. My refrigerator is full.

Life is good.

So, I figure, I’ve got this wish lingering, begging me to use it, and… I don’t need anything.

Then I remembered, it’s my wish, but that doesn’t mean I have to use it on me.

make a wish

Traveling Wishes

Remember all those cheesy times you could make a wish – on the first star, at 11:11, on dandelion puffs, and eyelashes?

Well, when I was about 9 or 10 and woke up to the fact that I was a spoiled white girl, I started using those wishes a little differently. I stopped wishing for more cheap plastic crap or ice cream or candy and I started closing my eyes and wishing with all the passion in me “for something good to happen.”

I would send the wish out to the world. If I’d heard of something sad happening somewhere, I’d send my wish to the people in that place. If I knew a friend was going through a rough time, I’d send the wish to them.

Sometimes I was the one in a rough patch and I would allow myself to soak up the wish.

It was vague, it was open, it didn’t seem too demanding. I didn’t need anything specific, Barbies and My Little Ponies weren’t the cure – the world just needed more good things.

The funny thing is – my wish always came true.

Because, good things happen. A lot.

So, today I am going to use my super power, my wish, and direct it at you.

Yes, you.

I wish for something good to happen for you.

I wish for you to have the courage to ask for what you want.

I wish for you to have the wisdom to accept help when it is offered.

I wish for you to have strength and tenacity to keep reaching for your dreams, even when the odds seem stacked against you.

I wish for you to find happiness and to take pleasure in the fleeting moments, realizing that they are like pennies – when you add them up, they create a wonderful life.

I wish for you to have a day – one whole day – that you can devote just to yourself and your pleasure.

Today, I’m taking mine. I’m cranking my tunes and I’m spending the day in the kitchen cooking. I’m making new foods and revisiting old favorites. And when it’s all prepared, I’m sharing it with a small handful of people I love.

Today I am all smiles and no stress.

Wish on a star

Good things are coming your way.

I wish that you too can find a day, one day out of a year of days, to take yourself out of the race and just… simmer.

I wish…

I wish for good things to happen.



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30 responses to “My birthday wish for you

  1. Stephanie

    Happy birthday to you! And thank you for the good wishes! πŸ™‚

  2. Loved. Really, really loved this. Happy birthday!

  3. sk8eycat

    Happy Birthday, and may all your good wishes return to you ten-fold (so that you can send them out again.)

    Great idea! We ALL need to spread it around.

    • Thanks! I was raised believing that the goal of life was to have enough to share – and then to share it! I’m overflowing with love, and yes, it does seem to come back around ten-fold. Looking into ways to share it on a larger scale!

  4. Have a wonderful birthday and may it continue to be great until your next one.

  5. Rebecca Visscher

    Thank you, my darling. I feel your love. Happy day after your birthday! Love, Mama

  6. I love this message and shared it with many friends who were touched by it, too. The message is amazing and so are you, my darling! Smooches to you belatedly, but sincerely, for your birthday! Aunt Lynda

  7. A good and timely message. Happy belated birthday, Bree! May your wishes and good deeds and kind words return to you a hundred times over.

    • Thanks! My daughter has a favorite poem from kindergarten with the line, “Love is something if you give it away, you end up having more.” It’s so very true, and something we sometimes forget.
      Hope you’re doing well and that your writing journey is still giving you happiness!

  8. That’s most kind of you, Bree. Thank you!

  9. Happy Birthday Wishes. Belated πŸ™‚

    I love your Blog style and this post. They way you write is excellent. You wishing birthday wishes ti us on your birthday .

    Great thought

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  11. This is beautiful. I also love this line: I wish that you too can find a day, one day out of a year of days, to take yourself out of the race and just… simmer.
    I’m going to simmer today πŸ™‚ – thanks!

  12. thanks for sharing birthday wishes. We are sending messages and quotes to our relatives and friends on the birthday day here we find good collection of birthday wishes so easily send warm wishes to our relatives and friends once again thanks for sharing good and relevant information.

  13. thanx for sharing wishes….

  14. awsm birthday wishes….

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  16. Love you Bree! My wishes for you are that you find the energy and time to be yourself always xxx

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  18. Div

    That is such a lovely article!! It’s actually my birthday today!😊

  19. It indeed is a lovely article! The way you have put together the simple words into an extraordinary beautiful message is lovely. The ones who know you must be really lucky ones.

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