I suck at Sunday

We already know that I suck at personal time management.

It has taken me 30 some odd years to admit this, but here it is – I REALLY EXTRA suck at Sundays.

I don’t know how Sunday goes down at your house, or what your expectations of the day look like, but at my house there’s this general idea that Sunday is a “do your thing” day.

To me that would mean spending the WHOLE day reading. A look at my “Read Next” shelf will tell you, this is not happening.

The little pile under the kleenex is my husband's. The rest are my "read next" books.

The little pile under the kleenex is my husband’s. The other two shelves are mine.

My parents recently got me a subscription to the Sunday New York Times, I believe their thinking was that if I had that land on my doorstep every Sunday, I would make the time to read it.

They were wrong.

I’m 6 weeks in and all I have to show for it is a growing fire hazard that makes me look like a hoarder in training. I don’t want to recycle them, because I haven’t read them – and what if there’s a life changing article in there somewhere?

Last Sunday, I vowed, would be different.

I knew it would be, because all day Saturday I kept checking the driveway for the NY Times.

Sunday came, my husband made me tea, I ran out and got my paper.

Two articles in, he announced that he was heading out front to weed our jungle into submission.

I remembered that I wanted to help him.

So… I did.

We had, well, I can’t really call it fun – but it was good, productive, mellow time. And now that you can actually get to all the food we’re growing out there, maybe the neighbors won’t be so scared to help with our tomato problem.

front garden

Please, stop by and take some of our volunteer tomatillos. Pretty please.

We talked, we planned next year’s garden (SO excited!), we got sunburns. It was good.

But it was NOT reading.

Then we came in for lunch.

My husband planned to work in the backyard afterward.

I eyed my dormant paper. I WOULD read it, I would, I would.

“Honey, you still going to make that cherry jalapeno jam today?” He asked, all innocence.

I looked back at the paper. I thought about the bowls of cherries we had picked, the ones that didn’t fit in the pie.


So many cherries.

I could read it while I jammed, right?

“Yeah, I’ll do that.” I said.

It turns out, you can’t actually make jam while reading a newspaper. Or at least, I can’t.

I’m incapable of stirring while reading, and jam takes a lot of stirring.

cherry jalepeno jam

Still stirring.

Finally, at 4:30, the jam was in jars cooling in the sink, the other sink was filled with lettuce from the neighbors, the counters were stacked with dirty dishes, but I was going to read that damn paper.


The jam didn’t set (old pectin), the lettuce needed to be dealt with, and the counters needed to be cleared so the hubby could cook dinner.

AND, we were missing important dinner elements.

The hubby and I divided and conquered. I ran out for the extra ingredients – and fresh pectin for the jam – while he and the kids (I hope the kids helped) whipped the kitchen into shape and made dinner.

The next morning I woke up to 13 AMAZING jars of jam!

cherry jalepeno jam

Lucky 13

And my unread paper.

I managed to make it through one section of the paper while I drank my (3 cups) of tea and enjoyed a bagel with cream cheese and my fresh jam.

It wasn’t life changing.

And I realized something…

I realized that I like sucking at Sundays. I loved waking up to a neat garden and jars of something delicious that I had created.

I also realized that I had unwittingly created an opportunity  to do the thing I love even more than reading – share good food and connect with friends, old and new.

So, here’s the deal – a bunch of you are new here. A bunch of you are old hats. Some of you are friends. A ton of you are strangers.

Some of you are regular commenters, and some of you are quiet lurkers.

I dig you all.

And, truth be told – I’m sort of blown away that you’re here, in my head.

It’s flattering and terrifying in equal measure.

So… To take the edge off I’ve decided I’m going to raffle off a couple jars of my jam (wrapped in potentially life altering NTY articles…)

cherry jalepeno jam

2nd rule of life – If you have extra, share.

Yes, I am going to share the awesome results of my Sunday suckage with you.

(Did I mention that my jam TOTALLY ROCKED IT!?! It’s sweet and just a little spicy and PERFECT on toast and bagels!)

Rules – all good raffles have to have rules.

You can only win if you leave a comment. (However, you can also comment and not risk winning if you’re just not into cherry jalepeno jam, but still want to join the fun. Just add a note to your comment.)

Suggestions for your comment – introduce yourself (real names welcome, but not required), tell me why you’re here (after all, you didn’t know you might win jam) like how you found me and why you stayed (I mean some of you have been here since way back when I still mostly blogged about books!), and share a little something about yourself.

Extra points will be given to people who make me laugh, think, or see the world in a new way.

Additional points for starting conversations, joining conversations and showing off your awesome civil internet manners!

Above all – have fun!

**Make sure the email address you use to comment with is valid, I will use it to contact the winners and get their address!!**

(You will not be added to mailing lists nor will your email address be used for any other purpose, I respect your desire to not be spammed.)

*Sharing this post, or others, with friends is appreciated, but will not increase your chances of winning.

*Cruising around and commenting on other posts is appreciated, but will not increase your chances of winning.

This raffle will last one week. Next Monday morning, I’ll pick 3 winners and ship jars!



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13 responses to “I suck at Sunday

  1. mmeller

    I have a subscription to our daily local paper. I try to read it every day–and mostly succeed. This week was crazy busy so I started Saturday morning with 4 days worth of newspapers and my son’s 5th birthday party in the afternoon.

    Amazingly, after the cupcakes were frosted, I had about an hour to sit before the chaos of a houseful of 3 to 7 year olds descended. And I caught up. Granted, our local paper isn’t as weighty as the NYT, but it still felt like an accomplishment.

    • That is totally an accomplishment!! I managed to read 5 chapters of a book last night and I feel like I won the lotto! (Thankfully the chapters were short, and the print was large!)
      I’m realizing more and more the truth in the saying, “The time we enjoy wasting is not wasted time.”
      I enjoy my Sundays, even if they aren’t what I think they “should” be.

  2. I’m in real estate so Sunday is not a ‘down time’ day but I am totally in sync with the print medium issue. I used to live for mornings at my dining room table with fresh coffee and the newspaper. Slowly that changed. I DO miss the routine, but I find myself getting the news on line. And on off days, when I’m lucky enough to have them, I am weeding or mowing or doing laundry. I guess we’ve both given ourselves permission. But it does explain part of the decline in print medium reading. Nicely written, thank you!

    • Thanks! And yeah – print news just isn’t as satisfying anymore. I’m even letting my Wired magazine subscription lapse and I’ve had that for a decade now.
      (Though, part of that is an issue of content.)
      I realized too, this weekend, that if I’m going to read – I want to read those books – not more angry, depressing, fear mongering news!
      I want my Sundays to be a day off from being a Ranty Pants!!

      • “ranty pants” made my Monday.

        At the risk of sounding very weird, I gave up my television cable/satelite about 1 1/2 yrs ago. Turns out it was the best thing I did (for me). Now I read books (non fiction mostly but not exclusively) and find my life to be much less stressful and productive.
        Love your conclusion about Sunday being a total day off. Thanks!

      • Carole – at the risk of sounding equally weird… I’ve never had TV. (I came from THOSE parents!)
        I do own a TV now, and we have NetFlix – but no news, no cable, no Fox, no commercials telling us to buy crap we don’t need.
        And yes – LOTS more time for reading good books!!

  3. omtatjuan


    As Bob Marley sang, “Jammin Jammin hope you like Jam too!” Was he talking about cherry jam? Probably not. I cherry jam not that strained stuff some Schmuckers sells. I want chunks in it! Hasta lombego..

    • Oh yeah – it’s all about the chunks and chewy bits that let you know it’s REAL food in there, not just syrup and sugar!
      Mine’s all real food, hand picked, grown in my garden, and lovingly simmered! That’s why it tastes so good 🙂

  4. Alex

    Long time lurker, first time poster, etc. You can tell how intrigued I am by the notion of cherry jalapeno jam 🙂 . IIRC, I got here from Free Range Kids, but I’ve since stopped reading that blog. Normally I do my blog reading in the morning, but today, I didn’t have time because I was at a weekend-long meditation class/retreat.

    • Yay!! I love luring the lurkers out! (Not that I mind lurkers, I just like “meeting” you!)
      Hope you enjoyed your retreat! I could use one of them, but knowing me I’d find a way to make it productive instead of meditative.
      That could be good too though, a nice writing weekend (with some reading thrown in because that’s what defines vacation for me.)
      Thanks for following, and for commenting!

  5. Rebecca Visscher

    Great idea! However, I will not enter your contest. I fully expect you to save me a jar. If I had had my wits about me last night when I picked up my car, I would have asked for one. Please, please, please put Mama’s name on one to save. I love you.

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