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I recently gave my business card to a friend.  Her response was “This is just silly, you can’t ban thoughts.”  That sentiment is exactly why this blog exists.  Because while I agree that you shouldn’t be able to ban a thought, people are trying all the time.  Groups are banning books, banning certain types of speech, banning words.  All of this amounts to an attempt to ban certain thoughts.  All parties are guilty, the left wants to ban negative speech and paint the world in rosy colors.  The right wants to ban sex, drugs, and rock’n’roll.  Just look at the list of banned books and you can draw a line showing which side banned which books.

What is that but an attempt at thought control?  And is thought control possible?  YES.  Look at the world, look at the former USSR, look at China, and finally look here – at home.  Look at the bodies of the war dead returning home.  Oh, you can’t?  Why?  Because those images were banned by a president afraid of the thoughts they would provoke.  New versions of classic fairy tales have been written for our “politically correct” times.  But who is deciding the politics of correctness?  No one asked me, that’s for sure.

So, this blog is here; to expose the thought police, to spread controversial ideas, to spark discussions and hopefully keep thought free and speech protected.

Thanks for visiting.

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– Bree Ervin


10 responses to “About Me

  1. Marcy

    Bree ~
    I think you may be interested in the debut novel ‘A Walk Across the Sun’ by Corban Addison. Website with book trailer: http://www.corbanaddison.com

  2. Very glad to have found your site, and thanks for commenting on mine!

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  4. Carol Everett Adams

    Just found you via FreeRangeKids. Love, love, love your blog and the messages contained herein. You rock!

  5. Bree, thanks for being you and having the courage to spark original thought and constructive discussion! I have nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award: http://fpdorchak.wordpress.com/2013/02/18/spreading-the-love-a-liebster-blog-award/!

  6. John..

    Hi Bree *smile*,
    Word’s are just that……

    Thank you,

  7. sk8eycat

    Bree, I would like to invite you, and anyone else who is interested, to visit (and join) the Atheist Nexus group called “Hang With Friends.” One member, Joan Denoo posted this a few hours ago; It’s long, but she is SO wise that I had to show you the entire thing.
    Comment by Joan Denoo yesterday – We and They
    Have you noticed factors held in common by these men listed below? They all know what is best for you, they teach and/or preach a dogma based on notions of domination and exploitation, they create institutions that instruct people to submit to their ideas, to obey, to yield, to sacrifice yourself to their beliefs, they have faith in ideas based on power over, not power with, and many people under their influence fail to flourish.

    Teaching college classes, parenting classes, at boys’ ranches for out of control boys, and teaching in battered women and children’s shelters, and in the county and state prison systems, I kept hearing common stories. I kept a tickler file and recorded the name and styles of those to whom my students and private clients listened, believed, and had faith in.
    Symptoms presented to me were depression, anxiety, overcompensation, underachieving, acting our, self-mutilation, headaches, stomach problems, and general angst in their personality.
    My strategy, when working with individuals and especially when working with groups of people, was to teach them life skills such as assertiveness, active listening for meaning and feeling, identifying feelings, problem solving, conflict resolution, negotiating, reframing, organizing, scheduling, budgeting, and other basic personal and interpersonal skills. These all very easily can be taught and learned. Even the most rebellious boy, or the most depressed wife, or the outrageously defiance client can see the virtue of these skills and quickly turn their lives into a more efficient, effective and fulfilling way to be.
    No, we do not deal with Hitler, Pol Pot, King Leopold II, Rev. Richard C, Halverson, or Rev. Richard Leon. But we have the same basic principles being imposed on individuals that cripple them and prevent them from being truly and fully human.
    I most humbly disagree with those who say my kind of thinking puts us at “us vs. them” mentality, and we should not do that. I say, most emphatically, STOP IT! When some one or institution teaches the Passive Gospel or political strategies with the same message, we cripple people’s minds. We bind their minds in ways they do not understand or recognize. The harder they try, the worst their angst becomes. When we hear killer words and phrases such as these men preached, taught, and dictated, the individual cannot and will not flourish.
    Just look at your own experiences in life. When others try to control you or dominate you, or tell you something that isn’t healthy, how do you feel? Do you submit, feel guilt or shame, obey without question? These are the attitudes, beliefs, customs, traditions and values that mind-bind, not for your benefit but for the ego enhancement of someone who wants to control you and dictate to you who you are and how you are to be.
    If they say and do things that empower you to flourish, you have a true and trusted friend, worthy of respect. If you feel angst, pay attention to the words and attitudes of those with whom you associate. It is a We-and-They world! If we don’t understand that, we could spend a lifetime struggling to flourish and not have the tools to make it happen.
    Joan M. Denoo, 2013-05-24

  8. sk8eycat

    PS: I forgot to add that I think Joan, and other members of “Hang With Friends” are your kinda people. And so am I.
    {{{BREE!}}} from Felaine, retired skater and cat fan aka Sk8eycat

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