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Things I am not

I am not his receptionist, whoever he is.

I am not your receptionist either.

In fact, I am not a receptionist.

I am a business owner, a seeker, a get ‘er doner.

I am not a child-safety blogger.

I am not a nanny blogger.

In fact, I am not a blogger.

I am a ranter, a raver, a social commentator.

I am not 24-7 tech support.

I am not an organizational crystal ball.

In fact, I am not the keeper of all knowledge.

I am a small cog in a large wheel, an educated guesser, a directory of resources.

I am not a domestic goddess.

I am not a primary parent.

In fact, I am not a homemaker.

I am a partner in chaos, a picker upper of pieces, a rough guide.

I am not the decider.

I am not the judge or jury.

In fact, I am not the authority.

I am a questioner, a listener, a moral ponderer.

I am not made in your image.

I am not a reflection of you.

In fact, I am not bound by your perception of my reality.

I am, quite simply, me.

Now, don’t make me put my on Ranty Pants and roar at you a second time.


I shall rant at you a second time!

*This post is a little tongue in cheek, what can I say, it’s been this kind of week and I felt a need to clarify my position in the world.

Also, It’s been a LONG time since I wrote any poetry, and I was scared to post – so this one is dedicated to Mark Stevens. He knows why.


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A Little Flash

I wrote this a few months ago for a flash fiction contest. I didn’t place, so I still have the rights to it.

The Wolf Won
By Bree Ervin

Wolf Howl

It was not enough to say, “He did it.” It was not enough to prove he did it. It was not enough to be hurt, damaged, broken, shattered to dust.
I also had to rise, like the phoenix, collecting my ashes into a new whole.
A powerful whole; hellbent on fighting back, shouting loud, making my truth heard.
But it still wasn’t enough.
I had been a victim once before.
And no one will believe you twice.


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